Kendall Pfeffer, M.Ed.

Kendall is a second-year MA student in psychology at NSSR. Prior to beginning the program, she completed a master's in mental health counseling during which time she gained research and clinical experience working with firefighters and EMS. She is interested in exploring how the intersection of individual and ecological risk and protective factors following trauma and chronic stress exposure can inform and improve existing treatment options and systems of care. Currently, Kendall is a mindfulness counselor and a Zolberg Institute research fellow working with the International Rescue Committee on the development of scalable mental health programming for refugees. She hopes to contribute to our understanding of the mechanisms underlying effective intervention for vulnerable and underserved populations.


CJ Healy, B.A.

CJ's research interests include: racial trauma and the posttraumatic legacy of the Middle Passage in contemporary civil society; the role of rhythmic sound and movement in development and their potential utility in trauma treatment; the impact of developmental trauma on social cognition; and the mechanisms of curative action in psychedelic therapy. They are influenced by indigenous healing practices and psychoanalytic theory.


Tom Wilson, B.A.

Tom Wilson is a second-year MA student at the NSSR. Prior to matriculating, he worked as a programmer and a journalist. He is interested in exploring the applications of predictive coding and active inference models to psychotherapy, the effects of complex trauma on sensory integration and dyadic synchrony, and the computational neurology of esoteric religious practices. Tom has contributed to research on alexithymia in PTSD, the construction of shared reality in romantic couples, error-free learning paradigms in Harlem middle schools, and interferon RNA therapeutics for mitochondrial dysfunction in Friedreich's Ataxia.


Scott Mckernan, B.A.

Scott is a second year M.A. interested in researching LGTBQ experiences and identity based trauma, substance use disorders, and how psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy may be used to help heal trauma, specifically potential psychophysiological mechanisms. Recently, he's received a Student Resource Award to explore how previous experiences with discrimination effect PTSD symptoms in various socially stigmatized populations Outside of science he loves to go throw on some glitter and dance the night away or go explore the city.